Artificial models of natural Intelligence (AmonI) researcher email, from the Department of Computer Science

This is the list for people interested in artificial models of natural intelligence (AmonI).  
It is run by the AmonI group at The University of Bath.  Our goal is to use AI to better
understand NI.  This results in research in biology, anthropology, psychology, economics,
politics -- and of course in AI itself, as we seek to facilitate the construction of good models.

This list is open for anyone interested to join, however people may be deleted and blacklisted
if they send material not appropriate to the list.  Only list members can send mail to the list 
(and only from the email address they subscribed!), and only list members can read the 

AmonI is a subgroup of the Bath IS research group in the Department of Computer Science.  For 
related email lists on this same server, see BAI (for straight AI), robotics (for robots), CMB (the centre for mathematical
biology) and BESS (Bath's Evolutionary Social Sciences mailing list.)